Restoring Joy to Leadership is a spiritually-based leadership development consulting firm. We are dedicated to helping leaders maximize their potential to make a difference in the lives of others as well as their own; believing that leaders have a right and a responsibility to prosper in all aspects of their lives. Spiritual principles such as personal character, courage, enthusiasm, true intention and doing what is right provide guidance for our programs. We believe leadership success is largely the function of spiritual strength, that is strength to learn, grow and develop to meet life's challenges.


SERVICES Restoring Joy to Leadership is dedicated to developing aspiring and novice leaders to mature into great leaders and facilitating renewal and transformation in sage leaders so that they are effective in influencing organizational and community outcomes.

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EVENTS Restoring Joy to Leadership is constantly developing and creating new content to share with our audience. Whether in a live forum like a conference, or an online medium like webinars and conference calls, RJL is designing new ways to interact with our client base.

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WISDOM Rose Rivers, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FNAP is the heart & mind of Restoring Joy to Leadership. Stay tuned to the RJL website in order to receive the latest info on Dr. Rivers' projects, events, products, and freshest "Words of Wisdom".

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